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At GetGoodEssay.com, we acknowledge that we provide premium quality services. This is so that our customers’ academic success can be assured. We are grateful our service is your choice in assisting you with your academic work. Kindly read our disclaimer, before you place an order with us. The disclaimer terms includes the following:

  • Once you place an order with GetGoodEssay.com, it’s an automatic agreement that you have fully read, agreed and are bound to our terms and conditions.
  • The writing services offered are undertaken with regards to the instructions provided by the clients. Our only duty is to meet these requirements to their satisfaction. The completed assignments will be proofread and uploaded to your personal profile accounts, and also sent to your personal emails. In case the clients’ are unsatisfied with the work done, we will revise the papers accordingly.
  • Once you have filled and completed the order form, you have given us permission to charge the required fee to your credit or debit card. Paying the full amount is the clients’ responsibility. Payments for the services are fully due when the clients’ order is complete, and the clients’ are fully satisfied.
  • Our clients receive money back guarantee within the following situations:
  1. When the clients provide an authentic plagiarism report that has been issued by the university authorities.
  2. When the clients have double paid the fee required to get the orders in process.
  3. When we cannot service your order due to technical difficulties at the point of registration.
  • We guarantee that the papers written on behalf of our clients will not be reproduced or re-sold in any form.
  • Discounts shall be provided to our loyal return customers only, or during special promotions. The discount shall be calculated as per order basis.
  • Both parties should avoid breach of contract, and any breach amounts to an automatic cancellation of the contract.
  • Order cancellation-you can send us a formal written email before the writer begins your assignments to cancel your order. If user agreements are violated, we reserve the right to reject the cancellation after the individual review.
  • We will not be liable for delivery delays in the following instances:
  1. When the billing information provided is inaccurate. This is to avoid any fraudulent occurrences.
  2. When you have failed to regularly check your email to respond to queries or additional information asked for by your assigned writer. This will be considered customer neglect, and the money paid will not be refunded.
  3. It’s the customers’ responsibility to make sure that they provide us with a valid phone number. Your writer may need some immediate clarification about the provided instructions. Failure to respond will be considered customer neglect.