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With GetGoodEssay.com, we make sure that our guarantee policies are concrete, and iron-clad. We protect all our customers equally by providing them with various guarantees that include plagiarism-free guarantee, privacy policy, and Money Back guarantee, Revision Policy and our Terms and Conditions. We encourage our clients to become familiar with the policies. Below we outline the guarantees for you:

Money Back Guarantee

This guarantee gives our clients the right to request for a refund at any stage of their order, when the situation requires it. The situations that can lead to a refund include detecting plagiarism in your paper, paying double fee for your order, or when we are unable to work on your order due to technical difficulties. Any refund request is processed within three to five days.

Revision Policy

Our professional writers are ready to revise your papers if they fail to meet the expectations.As our clients, you are allowed to request for another writer if you deem it necessary.

Privacy Policy

Our policy states that no information that our clients share with us can be rented or sold.It cannot be shared with any third party. Our writers sign a non-disclosure form once they are hired. The information is only used during the banking process in line with the banking rules. Your information is relayed to you via your personal profile without indicating your names. When we publish your feedback, your details also remain anonymous.

Plagiarism-Free Guarantee

At GetGoodEssay.com, the papers are passed through our efficient plagiarism checker. We make sure that all copy-pasted information is detected and erased. This ascertains that your writers have written your papers from scratch. It also makes sure that your paper is one hundred percent original. The plagiarism checker has detection software that is upgraded constantly for authentic results.

Terms and Conditions

Once you make an order, or payment for academic assistance with GetGoodEssay.com, it is considered that you are purchasing our products for personal use only. There should be no commercial use once the papers are finished and delivered to the respective clients. Our professional writers transfer all rights and ownership of the papers to the company.

Guaranteed Confidentiality and Authenticity

None of the custom papers written by our professional writers are re-used or re-sold. Customer information is also kept private and will not be disclosed. Our writers provide you with quality work, when you order your custom papers. Your personal information is also kept secret from our writers. Our writers can write quality research papers, dissertations, term papers, book reports and others.

100% Originally-Written Custom Papers

Every academic paper that we handle is written from scratch. They are written from the beginning to the end strictly following the instructions provided. When you buy papers from us, our writers will accurately reference your papers. They will also write with the desired formatting style requested. They are also written from scratch which makes them original.

Highly Qualified Academic Writers

Our writers have qualified with undergraduate degrees, Masters Degrees, and PhD degrees. They work on your papers to surpass your expectations. All our writers complete the most difficult assignments with ease.