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Terms and Conditions

This being your preferred site, we understand and consider that we are not machines. We interact as human beings at the service provision level and thus find it important to put down the terms of agreement which will govern our relationship so as to achieve the desired results level. As a matter of facts, the terms and conditions stipulated for you our client are more of protective to you than restrictive. We deal with you as a legal persona and therefore bear the consequences of our actions if we deviate from the course of our agreement.

By getting to communicate with you over a period of time, we get to understand that how we treat you and your trust on us is a matter that we cannot afford to gamble with. We trust that with a set of guidelines for both of us, we shall be able to satisfy your needs more clearly and in the best way possible. This is to say that, we cannot achieve our desired goals without your input you as our customers. We need your feedback in terms of the service quality that we provide for you in order to understand and carry out evaluation to certify that we endure applicable in the market.

Why Terms and Conditions?

The establishment and the strict adherence to well thought out terms and conditions have proved to be very helpful in terms of ensuring that we maintain a good working relationship. We need a team of connoisseurs whom we have given different roles to play in as much as service delivery to our clients is concerned. It is central to point out that folks vary in terms of their personality and other aspects for example compatibility. Even with a wide range of experts and professionals from different study fields, we are able to communicate to you in one voice and in the language that well suits your interests. You are our customer and thus it does not make any sense not to meet and consequently meet your requirements. It is through what we learn from you that we get the opening to serve you better and we also get to improve our services to the level that best meets your interests. We are dedicated to doing more than enough for you and ensure that our pride is associated from what we are able to achieve. Terms and conditions stipulate some of the following but are not restricted to them;

  • Means and best ways to place your orders are highlighted so as to style it easy for you to reach us
  • We give you the conditions to fulfill in order to ensure that work on your assignment is not delayed
  • You communicate directly to us by email and on phone using your valid home address to avoid miscommunication as a result of interacting directly with your writers
  • You make only the required payment for the work that you need done and not more or less
  • You are treated with a high degree of respect and value. Confidentiality to the information you provide us with is guaranteed. You trust us with anything you wish to disclose without the fear of third parties getting to know what happens in your life or work or assignments

The Advantages Associated

You now realize how difficult and near impossible our operations to serve you would have been difficult without well laid out and outlined terms and conditions of service. We rely on the agreed upon set of standards and quality assurance policies that we have set in place and let you know to do the best for you. We treat you with a lot of courtesy as required and we let qualified human resources personnel to deal with our customers in order to guarantee consistency and high professional standards. Some of the advantages associated with our service provision to you are that;

  • Delays are not associated with us. Provided that you have made your required payments and you have provided us with the valid details that we need, that is, your home address and email, we ensure that your done work is delivered to you electronically or through your other preferred means in good time. We require that you place your order in advance to allow an ample time to our team of experts to take on accomplishing your task
  • Information is kept between us. It is main to recognize the jeopardies of having information reach the wrong persons. Persons who were not intended to receive information may use such information in bad ways. This might have severe consequences and therefore the material you deliver us with remains private and confidential
  • With well stipulated terms and conditions, it is easier for you to put all the mechanism in place and ensure that your work flows as smooth as your ideas. We encourage that you be available to monitor the progress of your work so as to make sure that the end product that is sent to you meets your expectations with all the precision that is required
  • Quality is guaranteed. By issuing and letting you be informed about our terms and conditions of service, we allow you to judge us. If we do not meet what we assured then it means that legal action may be taken against our company. Keeping in mind that you are also required to do your bit efficiently as required

Dedicated Qualified Servants

A team of highly qualified professionals handling your work gives you the confidence. Our playwrights have involvement in the field of writing and fully understand the implications of going against the terms and conditions that have been stipulated relating to providing you with service. The opinion of the shopper is heard and acted upon. You have employed them literally only that we take the management aspect in order to bring harmony and to ensure that the interest of all the parties involved is well taken care of. Our team possesses high interpersonal skills that are all used to your service. Besides;

  • The team of dedicated workforce keep in mind to protecting the set out terms and conditions of service
  • We are dedicated to ensuring that you meet all that which you expect of us after playing your role
  • After making the payment, we act on your work. This should not be confused with profit orientation. We are a service providing company that is not in any way profit-oriented. We are dedicated and committed to meeting that which you visualize in us. It is therefore not true to indicate our business as that of making money. It makes more wisdom when you look at it as the provision of services that closes the gap between those with the skills and those who need the skills for their own betterment

Over time, we have had the opportunity to improve our terms and conditions with the aim of making us stand out as the leading service providers. We pay close attention to what you require and the nature of service that best suits you and hence our improvements are customer oriented. All we require from you are tasks that are clear to the point so we avoid the misunderstanding that may arise as a result of having the wrong instructions. We encourage that you supply us with all the information you wish to be include in your task so that we do not by any means miss out on satisfying your needs. We are here to deliver package to you in the most professional way possible. Your comfort and satisfaction is our pride.