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Revision Policy

As GetGoodEssay.com we acknowledge that we aren’t perfect. We acknowledge that we make mistakes too. We are ranked as a top essay writing company globally. We realize that not every student becomes satisfied with our work the first time.  We also recognize that our writers might initially fail to offer the services as promised to our clients. We also investigate and handle appropriately the revision issues caused by our writers’ irresponsible behavior. This is why we offer you revision services. It helps us to settle issues which our customers have in regards to the delivered papers. Our revision policy that states the following:

  • Make sure that your initial instructions do not contradict the revision instructions. When our quality officers realize that your original instructions were satisfied, the revision request will be declined. If the revision order qualifies as a new order, it will also be charged accordingly. It depends on the number of pages requested or the amount of labor involved.
  • You can submit your revision request by clicking “Send for Revision” button on our platform within your personal profile account. The request should be sent before you approve the essay order, or within seven days after the first delivery of your papers. When your paper is longer than 20 pages, we extend the revision request period to fourteen days, once you have approved the order. Such papers include dissertations, and thesis papers.
  • Don’t rush to click the “Approve” button before you have checked the whole document carefully. Kindly contact our customer care service, if you cannot see your finished work in the preview mode.  Only the revision requests sent through the correct revision methods on our website will be attended to.
  • When you have approved the essay, and later realized that you need the papers revised, remember that the deadline is limited to seven days for papers less than 20 pages. For papers longer than 20 pages, the request can be sent within 14 days. To request for the revision, kindly contact our customer support team. After the deadline, you cannot request for a free revision. Alternatively, you can make an order for proofreading and editing services.
  • When your papers meet the terms that are written above, we will revise them for free. When your revision request is declined, you can make a new order with clear additional information included together with the extra pages required.
  • Kindly note that the deadline for approving revised assignments remains 14days. When this period has lapsed, the revised part of the assignment, or the whole assignment will be considered approved.

At GetGoodEssay.com, we believe in our clients’ uniqueness. We also recognize that our clients’ orders are different regardless of their similarities. When placing your orders, make sure that you provide clear instructions. This is vital when dealing with lengthy papers such as research papers, dissertations and others. We desire to take our custom writing services a notch higher by giving the best to our customers. We advise you to read our Revision Policy before placing an order with us.